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Case Study

How Adstream connects it all up for Nissan

A global leader within the automotive industry, Nissan is at the forefront of innovation and automotive technology.

The North American Creative Departments across Nissan’s roster of agencies, are producing thousands of assets across multiple projects types for each new model launch.

There is a need to ensure brand consistency is maintained across global markets and to keep control of marketing costs in times of growth and times of sustainability.

Adstream has implemented one secure global platform in which all Nissan’s marketing divisions and partners, across 50+ countries, can access filtered collections of assets, dependent on clever permission rules.

Through scripted workflows, requests to ‘re-use’ and ‘re-purpose’ assets, kick-off approval and download steps, where all actions are timestamped by user and reported in the form of real-time reports

Through increased utilization of assets and agency engagement, Nissan has benefited from significant return of investment. Given the complete control and visibility of marketing assets and related activity, Nissan brand teams can direct complete focus to evaluating valuable data and managing campaign deployment projects.

Where permission rules could not exist previously, requests were being submitted approximately 200 times a day. Now, that the platform can manage access and communications efficiently and reliably, only 1-2 requests have to be managed by the Nissan team administering usage.

Nissan selected Adstream to provide a secure, fast, and easy-to-use DAM platform solution, where all industry standard media formats can be uploaded, viewed, shared, and downloaded across global markets.

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