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Introducing Adstream for Dropbox

Introducing Adstream for Dropbox

The accelerating change in our industry has resulted in an increasingly chaotic landscape, meaning that transparency and seamless collaboration are more important than ever. However, these can be difficult to achieve given the largely manual and disparate workflows being managed by many different parties, with no clear ownership of the process.

Launching multi-national campaigns comes with a level of confusion and overwhelming headache in of itself, not to mention all of the nuisances that come with campaign deployment.

In this regard, we are proud of our new partnership with Dropbox which aims to address the specific challenges faced by brands, creative agencies and production houses worldwide.

Adstream, the world’s most powerful advertising content delivery platform, has launched a new integration with Dropbox, the world’s most famous file hosting service. Easy to use and install, the integration allows our clients to synchronize their assets and workflows across the two platforms:

1. The process begins from the Adstream One platform where a Library Collection is connected to a Dropbox account by simply entering your username and password.

2. A new folder is automatically created in the Dropbox account with the same name of the Library Collection; from this point any file uploaded is copied into the Library Collection in real time.

3. That’s it! Your Adstream and Dropbox integration is all setup.

This integration will enable users to perfectly sync their creative assets and content, securely loading, storing and updating their digital files at once from Dropbox. In addition, users can always access the latest version of their assets, streamline their workflows, speed up their processes and be sure to deliver campaigns at scale, on pace and at the right time.

Collaborating with external freelancers and suppliers is now faster and simpler. No more never-ending email interactions, time-wasting downloading-and-uploading assets and having a myriad of versions of digital files saved who knows where. Now you can move your creative from production to cross media delivery in a couple of clicks with Adstream for Dropbox. Keep content organized, browse your Dropbox assets and structure content based on metadata, all within Adstream One.

Contact us today or reach out to your Account Manager to learn about the Adstream for Dropbox integration.

Adstream One is the world’s most powerful TV and cross-media advertising delivery platform ensuring brands and agencies manage, deliver and report on campaign assets at scale and pace to over 80,000 destinations worldwide with absolute confidence.

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